Museum Corner

Group Bookings and Coach tours Coaches can park in front of the Museum Entry or at the rear of the RSL which is located just over the road from the Museum. For your convenience meals and refreshments are also available at the RSL.  Other refreshments and meals are also available in the main street which is only 200 m up the road. There is also a park area at the back of the museum which coaches find convenient to use as a refreshment stop which has toilet facilities.

Caravan owners
The parking out front and at the rear of the RSL will also suit caravan owners.  Should you require an overnight stop, the Showground has excellent facilities and can be booked in advance. This is ideal for caravan clubs or individuals.  For bookings at the Showground phone:
  Ken Evans  :  (02) 6374 1255

School Excursions
School buses can park directly in front of the the museum and should you require overnight facilities for the children and staff the Red Hill School can provide meals and accommodation. This is a wonderful way to teach school children the history of the Gold Rush days and the daily routine of our pioneers. We have groups of children on excursion walking through the streets dressed in period clothing learning about the good old days which makes for a happy informative day for all. For more information on these school excursions contact:

RED HILL SCHOOL 02 6374 2558
or visit the Red Hill School site



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