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STEP INTO THE PAST..............

Your journey into the past begins the moment you step inside.  Take time to examine each exhibit while your imagination drifts back to the days gone by.  Picture yourself as a miner, panning for gold in a crystal clear stream; a shearer, shears in hand, yelling for the Rouseabout to apply hot tar to a cut on a shorn sheep; a Cobb & Co. coach driver urging his sweating team to greater effort as they ascend the Great Divide; or a farmer, trudging slowly behind a patient old horse as the hand plough cuts long furrows in the rich fragrant earth.  Or perhaps you are a country wife, winching a bucket of cool water from the well in the back yard; braving the summerís heat as the Sunday roast cooks in a cast iron stove, or snatching  a few precious moments rest in the authentically recreated Victorian Bedroom.

Olde Time Print Shoppe -   In the Olde Time Print Shoppe you will see presses, linotype and other hot metal typesetting machines that produced the newspapers, books and magazines of yesteryear Gulgongís first newspaper was printed in 1872 on our Albion hand press which was manufactured in 1869 by Harrild & Sons in England. These historic machines are greatly sought after by collectors and form one of the few working displays in Australia

Museum of Sight and Sound - Enthusiasts will be enthralled by the Museum of Sight and Sound. Dedicated to the history of Australian cinematography and sound recording. It features examples of early radios, TV sets, film projectors - forerunners to the electronic digital systems we have today.  If you wish, and there is a volunteer who is able to operate the old equipment available at the time, we can even play selections from our extensive record collection or show excerpts of old movies.


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